Silencing Aboriginal Dissent in Canada: Cindy Blackstock

The first of a series of videos on the silencing of dissent was launched yesterday. It features Cindy Blackstock, Aboriginal child rights advocate and head of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. Blackstock’s organization, along with the Assembly of First Nations, filed a human rights complaint about the systematic and longstanding underfunding of child services for Aboriginal kids. Blackstock discovered that the government had been spying on her and violating her privacy rights.

The video can be viewed here

After the democratic nadirs of the Fair Elections Act, the controversy over Conservative-initiated robocalls, and a series of omnibus bills, Canadians may be overwhelmed by what seems like a mountain of evidence pointing to the slow strangulation of governance in this country.

Sifting through the facts, the legislative provisions and the data is a daunting task.

Voices-Voix, a Canadian coalition of 219 organizations, has been systematically documenting the silencing of dissenting voices by government: tactics include surveillance of human rights defenders, attacks on independent watchdog agencies, defunding of environmental science and progressive civil society organizations, and selective CRA audits of the charitable status of international development organizations and environmental defence groups.

To help us all better understand the stories behind the numbing deterioration of civil society organizations, evidence-based policy, and our democratic fabric, Voices-Voix’ video project lets us hear the voices of those who have refused to be silenced and helps us understand the impacts of their stories on all Canadians.


Cindy Blackstock




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