Science muzzled in Canada: Katie Gibbs speaks out

The third in the Voices-Voix series of videos on silencing dissent in Canada features Katie Gibbs, Executive Director of Evidence for Democracy (E4D), a national coalition that advocates for the transparent use of science and evidence in public policy and government decision-making.

The video can be viewed here

Gibbs discusses cuts to science funding, the loss in our capacity to undertake science in Canada, and how science and evidence are being disregarded in the federal government policy process and the impact of these developments on young scientists in Canada

“It was really frustrating to see the cuts and the muzzling [of science]… The view does not look very good for young scientists… I have heard from a lot of them [they] are moving to other countries to find work, for example.”

Voices-Voix is a Canadian coalition of 219 organizations, and has been systematically documenting the silencing  by government of dissenting voices: tactics include surveillance of human rights defenders, attacks on independent watchdog agencies, defunding of environmental science and of progressive civil society organizations, and selective CRA audits of the charitable status of international development organizations and environmental defence groups.



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