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Ask questions, get audited: the case of PEN Canada

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What happens when a champion of free expression asks questions of the Canada Revenue Agency’s audits of charities? Especially if you voice concerns over the apparent targeting of progressive charities? Well, in the case of PEN Canada, you get audited too.

That’s the case documented in our latest report, out today, on PEN International’s Canadian chapter. Since 2012, the group has been asking questions of the CRA’s audit practices, and in 2014 it was served with notice of an audit of its own. Read the entire story here, and make sure to share it in your networks.

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If you haven’t visited our website lately, there are other important case studies and updates you may have missed:

Update: Alternatives
We first covered the federal government’s massive funding cuts to Alternatives, a well-respected international development group, three years ago. This week, we published a major update: Alternatives is now seeing its charitable status challenged by the CRA. The agency claims Alternatives should never have been granted such status over 20 years ago. Alternatives is contemplating it’s possibilities, but it’s another case of progressive charities seeing their future put in question. It’s a must-read study here.

Update: Interim Federal Health Program
Refugee-rights advocates were back in court arguing for full reinstatement of health care access for refugee claimants. We’ve been following the case and updated our case study on the Interim Federal Health Program. Click here to read all the details.

Case study 103: Thalidomiders
In late January, we published Thalidomiders, our case study examining the tragedy of thalidomide, the strength and perseverance of thalidomide survivors, and the Canadian government’s historic foot-dragging on true & full compensation. Read it in full here.

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